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This book is a journey of discovery into our true identity and purpose in this life. It is a book about freedom: yours and mine. It takes you on a journey, my journey of discovering how I lived my life unaware of, and oblivious to, the patterns dictated by my specific Saboteur. You will travel the road of my specific confusion, called a Type Two in Enneagram terminology, and discover one of the nine deceptive and self-sabotaging ways in which we build barriers within ourselves and create destructive rather than constructive behaviours.

This book is about innocence—my own innocence and most likely yours—because we have been living with a Saboteur within our thoughts and nobody told us about its existence and destructive agenda. It is also about my confusion that might well also be your confusion. This book is about waking up to these patterns and to the roles our Saboteur has made us play: recognising them, taking responsibility for them and, finally, untangling the deceitful web of these patterns so we can take the leading role in our own life—being and experiencing what we have come here to be and experience.

This book is about stopping the wild goose chase of our unobserved mind and coming home to ourselves—our true harmonic selves. It is about understanding what it is the Saboteur is telling us, so we can expose its lies and reclaim our ability to be complete. It is about realising the consequences and the circumstances we have attracted, as a result of our innocent beliefs in our Saboteur’s deceptive messages and the reactions and harmful behaviours we acted out unconsciously. This book is about understanding and differentiating between your Saboteur and you.

This book is about my own journey and struggle to understand my Saboteur and its extremely deceitful grip. It is a journey from innocence to understanding, and from understanding to experiencing the state of being that is our true nature.

It is a book about finding that which I thought I had lost and hoping that you, the reader, can relate my journey to your own journey and find what you think you have lost too. As you go on this adventure with me, my hope is that you too will become aware of your self-sabotaging messages, so you can uncover the tricks and lies of the inner-Saboteur and just be yourself.

It is a journey from seeking to finding to being. It is a journey of being and experiencing the world’s most precious gift, contained in being who you truly are.

Ultimately, it is a book about a choice in leadership: your Saboteur’s leadership or your own leadership—your Saboteur’s hidden agenda for your life or the freedom to lead your life according to your true nature and purpose.

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